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Hair Transplant Packages

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Este Prime has over 12 years of health care sector experience, and specifically has for the last 7 years been specialising in the hair transplantation and aesthetic fields.

Serving its customers with its advanced clinic infrastructure and expert teams, Este Prime has made client satisfaction its priority.

We offer advanced surgical options via professionals in their own field, using the most up to date technology available in state of the art facilities.

Our clients reviews are our testimony to how good a service we provide.

Our Areas of Expertise

Hair Transplant
• Hair transplantation
• Beard transplantation.
• Eyebrow transplantation.
• Hair treatments – PRP and Mesotherapy.

• Cosmetic surgery facial operations. Rhinoplasty, Face Lifts etc
• Breast Augmentation, Lifts, Reductions and Implants.
• Tummy tucks, arm lifts, leg lifts etc.
Botox, Filler and Teeth Whitening Packages.

Dental Services
• Dental Implants
• Dental Veneers
• Teeth Whitening
• Orthodontal and Periodontal Services.

We offer monthly pre-visit consultations in London for dental patients thinking about dental
services in Turkey with Este Prime UK

Our pre-surgery process includes
• Pre-operation analysis
• Operation
• Post-operation support

These 3 stages are very important to get you the best results in both hair transplant and aesthetic services. At Este Prime Clinic, we carefully follow these 3 stages with our expert and team in every
field listening to your requirements and following our professionals advice.

If you would like any further information about any of the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Este Prime UK – We work for your happiness.



Dr Altuğhan Cahit Vural

Dr Altuğhan Cahit Vural

Dr Altuğhan Cahit Vural is a reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialist. He is the only official accredited plastic surgeon in Turkey and has worked as a fellow at the Istanbul Academy of Plastic Surgery.

Born in 1981, Dr Vural completed his early education in Istanbul. Before starting medical school at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. After graduating he specialised in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery at Kirrikale University Medical Faculty.

During his medical training in 2005 he took the opportunity to work with the highly respected Dr James Mander at Edinburgh Western General Hospital. Dr Vural has worked at Istanbul’s Yuzyil Hospital Group, Medicana Hospital and the Marebelis Clinic.

Dr Vural works from his own clinic in Nisantasi. He has written in many published medical journals and frequently travels worldwide for seminars.

He is married with two children.



Dr Omer Kodan

Dr Omer Kodan was born in 1973 in Bayburt, Turkey. 

He graduated in 1995 from Marmara University Dentistry Faculty. 

He has been practising dentistry since 1996 from his private practice in Besiktas.  His special interests are dentistry aesthetics and implants. 



Uzm. Dyt. İpek AĞACA ÖZGER

Uzm. Dyt. İpek AĞACA ÖZGER

I received my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from HACETTEPE university. I
gratuated from HACETTEPE university in 2007 successfully. In 2009, I continued my post-graduate
studies in the department of Nutrition and Dietitics at HALIC university and got the title of etik expert
dietitian in 2009.

After graduation, i worked in various institutions such as Memorial SISLI Hospital, Memorial Etiler
branch, Dora hospital, i got a lot of experience from all these hospitals.

Since my graduation, i have been supporting health programs and news published on various TV
channels as expert guests; I write regular articles for magazines and newspapers.

Health, nutrition, beauty, wellness,etc. I am a speaker about nutrition in various meetings and events
about healthy life.

Nutrition and Diet symposium, fair, congress, etc. I attend Professional meetings, so i have the
chance to follow the innovations. My job is like a hobby for me !

In 2014, i created the ” Colorful Diet ” brand. I started to give consultancy services in my Office called
” Color diet “; In addition to individual nutritional counseling and corporate nutrition consultancy
services, i also provide consultancy services to companies.

My first book ” ITAB DIETARY DIET WITH 5 COLORS ” was published in 2015 and it is available in all

I am married and have a son named Özgur.

You can get a free consultation with our expert