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Caring For You Hair After Your Hair Transplant

The first stage of the hair transplant begins with the analysis of the hair structure of the patient and the detection of the hair follicles in the donor site area. After the hair analysis, the grafts are removed and implanted during the operation which generally lasts for about 6-7 hours.
Some hair transplant clinics discharge patients after the operation and cut the relationship with the patient soon after. At Este Prime we are with you for the long term. We have UK advisors who can assist with any post op questions be it 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 10 years later.

A successful hair transplantation operation will provide much more impressive and natural results if aftercare advice is followed. Some clinics that provide hair transplants often do not see the stage of aftercare as part of the hair transplant process. However, Este Prime UK believes that the patient should be followed during the first 6 to 12-month period after the hair transplant and that development analysis should be observed. We guide our patients throughout the early days of healing, post op care and beyond. It is important that a post op aftercare plan is in place for when the patient returns to normal daily life, and to ensure that no activities are done which can put the transplant at risk.

Hair is the most polluted and germ-containing region of our body. Due to the air or environment it can take a long time to grow. Hair, dust, dirt etc… Small particles can damage the roots of the hair transplantation. For example, an architect or engineer who works on a construction site should minimise the risk of contaminants post op. Solidified dust can cause long term damage to the hair follicles. So care should be taken. We can discuss this during the planning stage to ensure that work and lifestyle will have no ill effects on a transplant when returning home.

How To Care For Your Hair Transplant?
Early on post op, very gentle massaging techniques should be used on the scalp and grafted areas. Este Prime Uk will provide you at your post op appointment all the shampoo and aftercare lotions required and instructions on how to use them. We advise against drying the hair with hairdryers as this can be damaging to the newly grafter hair. A dry soft fluffy cotton towel used very gently is the safest way to dry the head area

Exposing the transplanted hair to sunlight is another factor that can damage the hair follicles. Avoid sun exposure. Your surgeon will advise on how many days post op a loose hat can be worn.

Este Prime Uk as part of its aftercare package will keep in regular touch with patients, to ensure that healing and growth is progressing as expected. Our aftercare does not end when you leave Istanbul on your journey home.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

4 comments on “Caring For You Hair After Your Hair Transplant”

  1. Veronica Reply

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  2. James Musk Reply

    I had a very good experience at este prime I was looked after from the minute I got off the plane transfer to and from hotel and from hotel to treatment centre back to hotel hotel in a good location so you can do something in the evenings I am 8 days out and the hair already growing through if any one thinking of getting it done don’t hesitate to contact them 5 star service

  3. Adam Dale Reply

    A very honest post from a very nervous pre op patient.

    I got recommended to Este prime by a friend who attended here and has had a great result….(always a bonus when looking at going to turkey)

    The standard pre conceptions made:

    – will i be safe?
    – will they be able to understand me?
    – will they do what I ask?
    – will it work?
    – what if I have a 101 questions? (Like I did)
    – why is it so much cheaper than the UK?

    All questions that I had been asking myself and I’m sure you guys are too.

    I’m not going to answer every one in detail because if you want to know more please get in touch however

    From start to finish the service has been great……Jo from the UK has been my point of contact and I’m pretty sure I was driving her mad asking so many questions and asking for so many pictures of certain stages post op

    But in short We agreed a price….. Jo arranged everything from flights, transfers and even giving some recommendations of places to eat in the city once over there

    Everything went exactly as she said

    The Turkish locals are lovely and very accommodating

    Now onto the procedure itself:

    The injections bloody hurt but once that is that is out the way it’s very much pain free however be prepared for 8 hours of lying down which virtually broke me in itself

    Make sure you get the drawings on your head where you want them…. as that’s the only bit that I felt was a bit “going through the motions”. As I wanted to concentrate on my crown and they seemed to want to concentrate on my front hairline….. just know what you want as they listen to what you want and will change it until your happy

    The first couple nights sleep are a bit of a nightmare as your afraid to put your head down but again after that you will find your way but I’m a week post op now and can still be a bit uncomfortable…… but remember you have had a lot of trauma to the donor area

    I would highly recommend Este Prime and contact jo if you need anything at all (I did…a lot )

  4. Jack William Reply

    Brilliant service happy with everyone involved very easy and quick service

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