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PRP Treatment

PRP is a non-surgical method that uses your own blood to generate growth.

This is done with tiny injections into the affected areas of the scalp, and it can be used in conjunction with other treatment
methods (such as hair transplantation) or alone.

PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss is a medical treatment in which a person’s blood is taken and then processed and injected into the scalp. This therapy has been used since the 1980’s.

A careful process which involves using PRP for hair growth starting with blood being taken from the patient and put through a centrifuge to spin the blood to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The platelet rich plasma is then directly injected into the scalp.

The meticulous process continues with injections being made across the scalp approximately every half inch over the required area. It is suitable for anyone experiencing early hair loss and works particularly for those experiencing early hair loss. And for those with androgenic alopecia, in men usually with hair thinning across the top of the head and a normal horseshoe shape around the back of the head and in women a widening thinning of the top of the head both are usually genetic.

Plasma acts as a reserve for proteins. However, plasma also contains its own proteins, as well as
 Growth factors including –
 Platelet-derived growth factor
 Transforming growth factor-beta
 Vascular endothelial growth factor
 Epidermal growth factor
 Insulin-like growth factor

While each growth factor works differently, they all have a similar function to promote cell proliferation and differentiation. This is believed to be through the stimulation of stem cells within the follicle. PRP stimulates blood flow to the area. This provides the hair follicles with vital nutrients and oxygen and leaves them in a healthier, stronger state.

Essentially, plasma is the substance within your body that suspends the blood cells. Aside from suspension, however, it also acts as a protein reserve.

We can provide a package of PRP on its own but we also include PRP in our hair transplant packages.

You can get a free consultation with our expert