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Sapphire Hair Transplant

As the name suggests, the new method does not use steel but sapphire blades. Made from naturally occurring gemstones.

You will have lower scab formation, which also speeds up the healing. In conventional FUE operations, steel blades are used to open the channels. The difference between Sapphire FUE and Classic FUE are the way the micro channels are opened to transplant the hair
follicles into.

The Advantages of FUE Performed with Sapphire Blades in Comparison with steel blades are the smooth surface of the blade which has natural antibacterial properties combined with hardness, sharpness and durability.

When using sapphire blades for opening the micro channels, vibration will be reduced thus, the risk of complications such as trauma and scalp tissue damage will also be reduced.

In comparison with steel blades; FUE performed with sapphire blades enables more dense transplantation. Giving a fuller look and maximum density per square centimetre.

As incisions created for the transplantation process will be smaller, tissue recovery will be faster in comparison with using steel blades, but most importantly the bonded skin will have a smooth surface.

Let Este Prime UK put a complete Sapphire Blade FUE Hair Transplant package together for you.

Our professionals can get you’re the hair you want with guaranteed results and lifetime aftercare and support.

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You can get a free consultation with our expert