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What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant At Este Prime

Many clients are concerned about recovery time after a hair transplant. But the healing process is very straightforward. You just need to pay attention to the experts advice and guidance. Let us briefly touch on this process.

After your hair transplant at Este Prime the scalp may be sensitive following hair transplant surgery.

It will be necessary to wear bandages for a day, and a head band for a few days. The doctor will prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic to prevent infection, or an anti-inflammatory to stop swelling.

The recovery time is minimal for hair transplantation. Usually patients return to work within four to7 days following surgery. Scabbing in the grafted areas will usually last seven to ten days. By following our
ftercare advice and using the products we provide, these scabs will have gone by around day 15.

Many patients who have had transplants are dismayed to find that their "new" hair falls out within six weeks after surgery. The hairs in the new grafts go through a shedding period two to three weeks after the procedure. You should know that this condition is normal and almost always temporary. After hair falls out, it will take another five to six weeks before hair growth resumes. You can expect about a half-inch of growth per month. Some residual pinkness may remain in the grafted areas for a couple of weeks. But this will fade over time. Recovery time depends on the type of surgery used, with FUE offering faster recovery times. By the eighth month following the surgery, an estimated 90% of the grafts are growing.

How you feel after surgery depends on the extent and complexity of the procedure. Any aching, excessive tightness or throbbing can be controlled with pain medication prescribed by our doctor. If bandages are used, they will usually only be in place for a day and removed and your check up appointment at the clinic.

At this appointment you will be given complete aftercare instructions and shampoos, lotion and a foam spray to take home with you. Please check with your airline on their rules regarding liquids as these items may need to be checked into the hold baggage area of the aircraft.

Getting back to normal.
How soon you resume your normal routine depends on the length, complexity and type of surgery you've had.

You may feel well enough to go back to work and resume normal, light activity after several days. Because strenuous activity increases blood flow to the scalp and may cause your transplants or incisions to bleed, you will be instructed to avoid vigorous exercise and contact sports for at least three weeks. After this period, you can return to normal daily life.

We expect to see optimum growth between 6-9 months, we request that patients forward us regular update progress so we can monitor the results of the hair transplant surgery.

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You can get a free consultation with our expert

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