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As our guest at Este Prime you can leave it all to us. Our package includes ...

Your UK to Turkey Hair Transplant Journey with Este Prime UK

Let Este Prime UK put a complete Hair Transplantation package together for you. Take the first step on your journey by contacting us via our hair analysis link. From this request we can then put a
package together for you.

After you arrive in Istanbul our driver will collect you and take you to our lovely 4-star hotel. You can then spend the night relaxing and the next morning enjoy a generous buffet style breakfast before
our driver arrives to take you to our modern and state of the art clinic.
Once arrived at the clinic, we will wash your hair and prepare you for surgery.

The surgery usually takes between 6-8 hours with a break for lunch. We will also carry out your included PRP therapy where your blood is drawn and put through a machine which separates the red blood cells from the plasma.
This healing plasma is then injected over the transplant area to aid with the healing process.

We will return you to the hotel after the operation to relax. You may have some mild discomfort, but medication is provided for this. The following day our driver will take you back to the clinic for a post op check up and we will also wash your head. You will be provided with your aftercare products and post op care instructions for your new hair.

The rest of your time in Istanbul is yours to do some sightseeing if you wish. At the end of your stay our driver will take you to the airport for you to travel back home.

Este Prime offers a lifetime guarantee and a lifetime of support.

We work for your happiness.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

3 comments on “Your UK to Turkey Hair Transplant Journey with Este Prime UK”

  1. Adam Smith Reply

    Jo at Este Prime UK is is amazing

    I lost my hair at the age of 15 16 I haven’t had a hairline for over 10 years. Every day I look in the mirror and worry about my hair. I have been looking for different things for my hair for years.

    Then one of my good mates James went to Este Prime and got a hair transplant, and looks bloody amazing so I spoke to him about the procedure he had and he said Este Prime was amazing he could not fault them in any way at all he put me onto a lovely lady called Jo.

    I had so many questions but she would answer every single question without hesitation. She put my mind at ease the day I spoke to her. I would text her all times of the day for different information. Jo got back to me straight away she really knows what she is talking about and she is also a lovely lady too. Basically, I booked my hair transplant in that day with her she done all the groundwork behind the scenes ordering flights etc I can’t thank her enough.

    After 10 years I am finally going to have hair again and I’ve never felt happier. I’m booked in for March and I can’t wait to see my results

    For anyone thinking of getting a hairline and transplant, there is no better place than Este Prime and the best person to contact is Jo

    Thank you so much, Jo, it can really change someone’s life x

  2. James Day Reply

    This time 11 days ago I was flying of to turkey to get my hair transplant looking a hell of a state ! 😂. 11 days later I’m looking and feeling a totally different person! 😝

    ALL THANKS TO Este Prime UK !! X

  3. Wayne Woodley Reply

    I must say I was very impressed with East Coast Referrals. Jo did absolutely all the arrangements for me. Sorted out flights, hotel, all transfers, Visa, everything. If Jo said something was going to happened it happened on time with no issues whatsoever. Made me feel very secure and confident about the procedure and she got back to me very promptly. The clinic was very clean modern and all staff were very friendly and welcoming answering any questions I had. I would highly recommend

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